Film evaluation

When I came into this class I had thought about film as just a bunch of movies put together by a bunch of people who were star performers and actors. I also thought that they had came up with a good plot or theme for the movie and called it a day. But as I looked deeper into the art of film and the material that this class has provided me I feel as if I have learned a lot about film that I couldn’t have possibly imagined. My perspective of film has changed because of how complicated it really is to make a film. I learned that this process can be hard in certain areas I used to think that it was and easy task to put a movie together.

But one thing that changed my mind was how I learned about a man who spent three years making sounds for his movies and when I read about it I was absolutely shocked because at that moment I knew that I was wrong about the amount of time patience and effort had to go into a film in order for it to be successful and not just a waste of valuable time and money. I approach film viewing differently with this knowledge in my mind. Everytime I watch an action movie and see an amazing scene I think to myself I wonder how much money,time and effort was put into that just so I could see it once. I am more in tune with he film elements character, plot and conflict. I realize now that in order to have a good film each one of the elements has to be interesting because if not the viewer will not like it.

Such as character if all the characters are boring then you will not have a good film. Not only that but the plot that the characters follow has to be deep and have lots of parts to it or it will get boring very fast. One very important element is conflict. If there isn’t some kind of problem for one of the characters to solve then it will not be and interesting film and overall a big waste of time and money. I appreciate good directors,filmmakers and actors who take their time on there films to bring me a good quality film that I will enjoy and want to watch over and over again. One thing that triggered new thoughts for me about film was how I read an article in the materials we were given and read that a man went on a three year journey just to find the right sounds for his film to me this is real dedication.